D.C. Rocks!

I feel I am liberty to share this random thought I found floating:¬† If the author wants to be acknowledged I will very willingly do so….until then I am a farm wife…I have to hunt for an elevator¬†and there is only one five story facility in my county and it is strangely enough called an elevator….guess I do not have to hunt very hard they are on every horizon.

Unauthorized Publishment:

When I got to work this morning I was having one of those days where nothing could get any worse. I had terrible cramps (sorry boys!)…like the kind that make you want to go back to bed until tomorrow…I had to go buy a thermacare heating patch and take three ibuprofen to give me any relief at all. Plus I’ve been sore from running and attempting to learn how to golf (i’m awful!) …. In short, it was one of those days where NOTHING could make the day worse…..

…..except maybe a 5.8 scale Earthquake….

The streets were lined with hundreds of people for about 40 minutes following the shock (think back to recess…when the bell rang and everyone ran outside…now multiply that by every building in the entire city). Some people in Virginia (closer to the epicenter of the quake) were stuck outside until later than 4:15pm… two hours after the initial shock. A friend of mine said they’re still feeling aftershocks.

We felt the first rumbles at 2pm, which were for some reason accompanied by a loud bang..then everyone said “what is that….what’s going on?” You’re probably making fun of us this point for nothing thinking that it was obviously an earthquake… but because of the industry we’re in (Foreign Policy), it’s easy for the first thought to be that a bomb has gone off….and believe me…those were my first, second and third thoughts. One of our scholars pulled me into a door-well because I was just sort of floating around. The major shakes lasted for about 20-30 seconds.

A few colleagues were in an elevator during the quake. They said they didn’t realize it was an earthquake and thought the elevator was simply breaking (it flung back and forth, hitting the side of the shaft). SO SCARY!

Above all else, I learned a few things today….

1) Even as old as I am, all I wanted was my mommy. I called her immediately and got disconnected.

2) Office buildings should only be two stories tall…being on the 5th floor is great for a view, terrible when the earth moves.

3) There is absolutely nothing better than friends and family. All of my friends in DC were sending each other texts (which didn’t come through until a few hours later) and emails (which fortunately came through on my phone) asking if everyone was alright.

4) The Federal Government will take any excuse to close….Congress let out all of their employees at 2:30pm as a result of the quakes.

5) I think I’ll take the stairs from now on….



  1. I am really glad you weren’t in the elevator!!

  2. you’re right. you published this without my approval….so if you get famous, you will owe me a lot of money. I’ll wait to file against you until that point though…

    Love you!!

    • Oh, good I thought I may have pushed the sisterhood too far…..I already lost my friendship rights….I will settle out of court you know me….love you too.

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