The Pale Pity Party: Cool Boy

Back to school time: football, fall clothes, school bells and this memory:

Middle School and the boys were starting to notice girls–not me…other girls…..girls who did not have red naturally curly Medusa hair…..girls who did not wear pink upside down octagon shaped glasses.  Until early one fall morning before the bell rang.

Me: What ARE you looking at?

Cool Boy: Your legs.

Me: My legs?

He’s looking at MY LEGS!  Me!  A boy was looking at me.

Not just any boy The cutest, The coolest, The smartest, football-soccer-basketball playing boy in the seventh grade was looking at me!

Cool Boy: I have never seen legs like that before.

Word went out across Trailridge Middle School: “A girl’s caught the eye of Mr. Cool.”

I was confident in my cheerleading outfit and matching Kaepas with purple and yellow inserts.   I felt like Ms. Cool.

Me: Yeah, I like my legs

I started to sweat.  My cheeks were burning and I knew my fire engine red face was visible for all of Cool Boy’s football team who had taken a sudden interest in my legs.

What is he talking about…maybe he has never noticed shaved legs before–shaving is a big deal to all preteen girls but maybe a surprise for Cool Boy?  I may have red hair, freckles and pink, oversized, upside down glasses but I am cool enough to shave my legs!

Cute Boy (sympathetically): I didn’t say I like your legs.  Man, they are the whitest legs I have ever seen.

I cringed–steam began rolling off my red-headed-temples-Fight or Flight?

Neither, I was saved by the bell which I could barely hear over the weird booming-squeaky Har-Har-ahk- Hee-eek-Hee- Ho-Ho-hahk laughs that are produced from adolescent boys.

I feel for all those young girls in seventh grade and, yes, the squeaky voiced boys, too.

Say a quick prayer that they know they are each created special by God….even if they do look like this:


So I had to find this photo in the yearbook that my mom hid from me.

Oh, you want to know why my mom hid the yearbook from me… .. uhm…

Because she could not hide the scissors and knives from a certain know-it-all daughter who determined ownership of the ‘ugly’ photos was hers to do with as she pleased i.e. destory–never mind that the school would mass produce those “horrid” pictures and distribute them to everyone nine months later.


Tears are building as I gaze upon this young girl.  I see a beautiful woman being developed; She saw ugliness, awkwardness. I see a woman who is loved by her husband, her daughters, and her God; She saw a girl who did not look like the magazines, did not have a man in her life telling her she was beautiful and dearly loved.  I see a young girl who does not yet know the hope I know now and I ache for her…how I long to give her a hug and show her the future for which she is being prepared.

….and tell her to be less critical of her sisters…..and her Mother.



  1. I see an extremly beautiful girl who had little sisters that wanted to be as beautiful/smart/talented as she was. I also see a girl who fought through rough times and has learned a lot but so much more later on. She was (is) very strong! I wish I could give her a hug and tell her how amazing we all thought she was, even though I did not show it. I love you! (But….really glad you don’t wear those glasses anymore!!)

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