Name That Photo Contest

I wanted to share this cute scene I captured Sunday at church.  That is my baby girl in the middle.

I will pick a winner Thursday Morning.

Oh, you want a prize…..let me grab my wallet…..I have a 25 dollar iTunes gift card that I purchased at the elementary school fair auction months ago….why have I not used it?  I have not used it because I, being the overzealous auction go-er, out bid a fifth grade boy….How heartless am I?

The dear boy probably saved his allowance all year to buy an iTunes card while supporting his alma mater only to have a red-headed hormone driven postpartum maniac grown woman steal away his bounty…maybe he will choose a cute name and win back his rightful prize.  If not at least I tried to give it to him…..well I did think of asking the principal to get it to him or some nice kid..then I thought I would have to explain what I did….it was bad enough that I won several items and had no money on me…thankfully I live in a small town…I asked a kind woman to front me the money and she did…what a sweet soul…in hindsight I probably outbid her on an item or two…I hope she wins this contest.

I am excited to see your suggestions.


  1. Fiona! Such a cute baby!

  2. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I believe it should be titled: “They came three by three. Hauray, Hauray!

  3. Glad that only one of those cute little babies is yours!!! Haha that would be a handful!! And you should give that card to that sweet little boy!! LOL Amber Marie!!! My name for the phote ‘Who says three is a crowd?!’

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