My Friday Night

Friday night we treated Boss Man to a dinner from town.  We waited with him at the feedyard for the cattle buyer to arrive with a small load of just weaned calves purchased at the sale barn.

Boss Man is on a gum chewing kick so of course Miss I Want To Be Like Daddy requested a piece shortly before I heard….

“MY GUM! I Lost it….”

I remarked, “Someone is going to be mad if they step on it.”  So we began looking on the ground—Yes, I know we were at a feedyard and boots get manure on them daily–I was experiencing a rare clean freak moment…oh, how I wish those urges would hit me at home.

Found it!

What a great man–he completed the sticky task with a smile on his face!


We were still waiting for that load of cattle to arrive when Pippi spied a frog…

I call this photo ‘Frog Legs’

make that two frogs

I made her stop when I heard the little frog squeak from being squeezed-I felt sorry for them.

So, she began asking ,”Are they here, yet?”

And, yes, our new guests had arrived….

First we Boss Man pushed them into the snake–that is the type of cattle chute system named because it has no corners just curves–which helps the cattle move more readily.

Then Boss Man paused to take a phone call.

This time we..well you know who… gave two shots, a new ear tag and cut off the old ear tag….

notice the purple ear tags–pippi’s favorite color–at the moment

After we…yes, I did help-briefly-but no one was available to take photos…like I was saying after we finished, Boss Man shared the news he received on the telephone.

We had been invited to a Tasting Event at the cowboy’s house…

I call this photo ‘frog legs’ as well

it is slightly unnerving how quickly I lost my empathy for frogs

Frog Legs…..

Oh yeah, we also had Calf Fries…How did you spend your Friday evening?


  1. I’m pausing our friendship for a day. At the moment I don’t feel as though I can be friends with someone who can eat …that….gross.

    Still love you as a sister though. :)

    • That is all I had to do…. eat one little…well was it the amphibian or the testicle that ended our friendship? And please tell me what tasty morsel would end our sisterhood–I should keep a bite of that on hand for special occasions….say missing my 30.5 dinner party next week! I hope it goes well with French Toast Creme Brulee.

      • The testicles that tasted like mushrooms (and telling me this story while I was eating mushrooms!!!!) But thanks for not putting any pictures up of that……

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