S’mored Over

Yesterday was National S’mores Day….What’s that? You didn’t know! I am so sorry…Let me give you a hug, here is a tissue… Wipe your tears away and make plans for next August 10th!

That is what I did last year and the results were delicious..I licked and sucked–took a second look and sucked that sweet tasting melted marshmallow goodness–until Pippi told me to stop sucking on her hair….

Hey, it’s not my fault she got her hair stuck in her marshmallow and all moms know a baby wipe was not up for the task of removing ooey gooey toasted marshmallow.

I spent the afternoon preparing S’more Cupcakes (I made my first ganache in the process–yummy.)


S’more Popcorn (Boss Man’s Favorite of the evening–minus the grahams)

S’more Pops (these are dangerous…well if you are like me and lick everything..I stirred the molten chocolate to dip the marshmallow–wiped the spoon with my finger–did I mention I was also talking on the phone–“owwhh–ooooh—MMMmmm–OWW–MMMmmm!” My unconcerned friend replied, “You stuck your finger in the hot chocolate didn’t you.”)

and S’mores on a Stick…look for the tall S’more looking things with a stick poking out of the bottom (these are also dangerous–I somehow managed to stick a spoon with melted chocolate in my mouth……burned my tongue….spit out the molten chocolate back onto the spoon…flung the spoon which flipped molten chocolate on my eyelid…wiped the burning chocolate off with my finger which was now on fire and stuck my finger in my mouth to suck off the now warm milk chocolate goodness then shook my head and laughed thinking someone will enjoy reading about that later.  Oh, please, tell me I am not the only one who is danger to themselves in the kitchen.)

I went on to do less dangerous activities such as opening packages of Graham Crackers-original and chocolate, ginger snaps (FYI: the store brand was a mistake), marshmallows-jumbo, regular, and mini’s, S’more Goldfish crackers and S’mores Poptarts–the off-brand because I assumed they would not be very tasty-I was wrong-even the store brand was yummy.

I cut up strawberries and bananas…

Opened containers….

My good friend who is more dedicated than I called early in the morning…she had received my Evite and was terribly distraught….She had just made a commitment to avoid sweets for a week then I bombard her email box with temptation–what a great sister in Christ I am….I had to redeem myself so quickly I uninvited her then practiced restraint myself by eating a s’more pop…really….I did eat one…then another… and a strawberry…and a banana….and cookie…a swipe spoonful cup full of ganache…graham….chocolate chip..well it was over after this:

It is worth another look….

I'm blurry because my photographer was busy licking her lips

A Ghirardeli chocolate square with caramel filling topped with a roasted marshmallow and sandwiched between two grahams….MMMmmmmMMMmmm–it was delicious…So glad my dear friend did not arrive or she may have been tempted like the rest of us–except that weird girl who only chewed gum the whole time….you would think with a name like Queen Bee she would like sweets…hmmm.

The coolest part of the evening was the temperature. These little girls were cold and begged to wear jackets. I suppose 80 degrees is cold in the shade…

This is Little Bee…She better be glad that I am not her mommy…I would have had to lick her clean…I’m just saying those baby wipes can’t hardly remove melted milk chocolate….

I woke this morning feeling ‘S’mored over’–that was possibly too much chocolate in one day….good thing this another day because I have a few leftovers that should not be wasted!

How did you celebrate National S’mores Day 2011?



  1. Krystal Kuykendall says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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