S’more S’mores

Back to School time and I have two yummy breakfast recipes to make mornings S’more yummy.  Tasty S’more Pancakes would motivate the most reluctant mom child to rise and shine.  And for those rushed mornings make a batch of these S’more Granola Bars to grab on the way out the door. Wash it down with a calcium rich S’more Mocktail.


After Breakfast the decisions get more difficult.  Should I eat S’more Truffles as an appetizer before inhaling a S’mores Cheesecake at my 10am snack?

Maybe I should make a dessert bar for lunch complete with with S’mores BarsBrownie S’more Whoopie Pie, S’mores Brownies, S’mores Rice Krispies, and  S’more Decorated Cookies.

Next, I could eat these S‘more Cookies while reading a dieting book–never mind I do not read diet books so I will just eat the cookie while I google more s’more recipes.

Oh, I just found these for the Lunch Bar,  Chocolate S’more Cupcakes topped with a toasted marshmallow meringue swirl….it is incredibly beautiful. And I want to sink my teeth into the chocolate ganache filling in this marshmallow butter cream topped S’more Cupcake.

Sooner or later we all need a mid-afternoon snack, may I suggest a slice of S’more Pie?

Maybe your more of an ice cream person try this homemade S’more Blizzard.

Oh, do you want a more nostalgic treat?  I could share memories of my Dad renovating the Russel Stover Mansion in Kansas City when I was a kid while you chew your Russel Stover S’more.

After I tell you my long winded story I would be running short on time for dinner prepareations so I might make this menu No Bake Nutella S’more Crunch Bar, Double Chocolate Indoor S’mores and Lazy S’mores.

During that sweet dinner Boss Man and I would probably reminisce about our sweet beginnings…drift into talking about our courting and wedding…then naturally we would talk about other people…and how a certain cousin should have a S’more Bar at their Wedding next summer.  Then I would continue talking about other people and suggest to Boss Man that our friends change their daughter’s Minnie Mouse birthday theme to a S’more Party–never mind that she is turning one and fire is dangerous.  (Boss Man would then remind me that it is up to other people to make those decisions and I should keep to myself–yah, yah.)

So I would quit talking a start day dreaming about how to make this great S’more’s Teacher Appreciation Gift Since it is back to school season.  Then I would think about that wedding again  They really should look at this pretty S’more Dessert Table.  And maybe I should put together these S’more Party Favors for my S’more Tasting Party–Maybe next year.    Until then I will let them eat S’mores Cake in a Jar.


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