Pistols, Rifles and Cake

My idea was a Surprise Party for Boss Man. A Top Shot Birthday Party complete with rifle, pistol and knife-throwing competitions. Soon, I realized my..umh…ignorance….this “know-it-all” doesn’t know it all.

I had to call in back-up.  Enter Boss Man’s friend, Power-Strokin (that is a golfing nickname.)  Power-Strokin began rattling off ideas and guns and ammo and targets and explosions and… and… I realized that I am the coolest wife EV-ER!

Then my mind began to waver….I do not know what language he is speaking. Boss Man should be doing this.

But…I love pulling off surprises…Anything He can do, I can do better…maybe..probably not. What do I know about artillery?

But, it was MY idea and his birthday….so I called up the men in his life and asked them to assemble at the Farm after church while Boss Man fed cattle and reminded them that it was a surprise.

Guns were gathered.

Targets were prepared.


Ammo was purchased.

Pippi and I made Boss Man’s Cake. (I am not a talented cake decorator…BUT I did design this myself….Those super fancy party blogs have yet to design a Top Shot Birthday theme for me to emulate.)

And the Surprise Top Shot Party began with a BANG!

The Men were impressed with the set up of the shooting stations.  It did look better than I thought–though I will color coordinated the barrels and targets next time. Everything was perfect–guns, ammo, target, cake, ice cream, pink candle–gotta love having a four year old daughter……

One problem.

Boss Man was not surprised…and who let the cat out of the bag?…WHO let their tongue slip?  WHO spilled the beans?

ME!   Come on, I had two parties to plan this week and sick girls to Mother–I know when I have my back to the wall…hands-up I surrender to the men with guns….Boss Man had a blast…get it BLAST!  He took care of his own surprise party when I admitted my defeat…. and I was too lazy to call the guests back and inform them–at least they were surprised that Boss Man hosting his own Surprise Party!

Happy Birthday Boss Man!

P.S. Boss Man did not win the competition…his bald-headed cousin used the sun glare reflecting off his smooth skinned noggin to see the targets better…I am just saying he could have secret Bald Man Shooting Skills.

And I will leave you with images of the tasty summer sausage Boss Man’s Uncle (Bald Man’s Dad) supplied for the men..And, yes, I did take more shots of the food than the guns and ammo…A kitchen shot…

The gun toting carnivores in the back ground do not need to know about the tiny bite…bites…mouthfuls….small meal…I inhaled before carrying the tray to shooting area.

Summer Sasuage + Swing Set=Summer Smiles…well let’s be honest I only need the cheese to crack a smile…not exaclty a smile but an open mouth….you know …to stuff the cheese in as fast as possible so that Boss Man does not see how much I am eating…He likes to keep his eye on my food intake…well cheese intake…so he can take cover….I have silent but deadly…ummh….uhh…shooting skills…..Did I just type that? I know you won’t tell anyone.


  1. hi! i am trying to do this for my husband for hsi birthday as well. what were the games/point system, or how did you decide who won? i have some ideas but not sure how to pull it off. also we will have to do this at the shooting range, so only one game can be set up at a time. so i hope i can get them ready then just put them out as we go along. any ideas would be so helpful, thankyou!!

    • This is a fun theme…I could never have pulled it off without Boss Man’s help…the guys had everything prepped the day before (I think you could do the same by constructing everything and transporting it)..they only had to put the targets up and replace them as needed…are you doing this by yourself? Remember that the shooting and target set-up take time….As for how they worked it…on some targets they shot at the same time….others they took turns…and points were kind of decided as they began each new challenge..they all decided what was the easiest and hardest shots(I would have spent too much time trying to figure it out and I still think they would have changed my “rules”). I would call the shooting range for more ideas and if they have none ask for the name of a local shooting club or organization that hosts shooting competitions. The guys decided to shoot at golf balls on tees next time…they seem really excited about this..I would set it up on a platform with the tees stuck into floral foam…the water balloons were fun but they kept popping from the weight and heat. I am so random about this because the guys really took over the planning and when I asked them for their in put on this reply I got very few words…if it is a surprise (and if you do not shoot) just remember that you need a lot of ammo..and the correct kinds for all the different guns…also I would have made a better cake..just saying.
      I ramble so hopefully you found a helpful hint or two. let me know if you have anymore questions. The first thing I would do differently is to watch all the TopSHot Episodes that I could to get more ideas… I was trying to go from memory..bad idea…oh we also took clean-up into account (which I imagine you would have to do at the shooting range) we avoided glass….and everything else was biodegradable (yes even the water balloons..which explains why they were so weak) Next time I would probably lay out a tarp (weighted down with rocks or bricks to not blow around in our Kansas Wind). There I go again…hope it gives you a few ideas to build off.

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