Eleventeen: Drought Benefits

1. No Mosquitos!

2. Mower Blades Longevity Increase: As the grass rarely needs
mowed, less metal is grinded off during the sharpening process thus they will
last an entire season.

3. Clean Windshields: Boss Man commented about birds leaving the
area due to the decrease in bug population—I now know¬†why my windshield is clean (I have a bad habit of not cleaning it).

4. Noxious Weed Detection: The goat-head-sticker plants are the
only green thing in my yard. One of these days I will mount a full on attack to
remove those pesky pointed pokers and it will be easier to find each intruder.

5. My daughter will not drown in the pond: It has evaporated.

6. A Relaxing July 5th: I did not have to lug around a trash bag
and wheel barrow to clean firework debris in 100 degree heat: It was 100
degrees but we canceled fireworks to avoid inviting the local fire department.

7. Country Road Intersections Are Safer: The dust clouds give
ample warning of approaching vehicles at unmarked crossings.

8. Soft Water: Our Nitrate levels soared to an unsafe level so
we installed an R/O and water softener.

9. Water Balloon Fights: When the annual Toad Hop was cancelled
due to the demise of the local amphibian population we implemented a water game
to entertain the crowd.

10. Fresh Air: We are hauling manure to the field south of our
home. Usually this would be a topic of dissension, but this ‘dry’ fertilizer is
nearly odor-less (compared to the wet -gooey alternative).

11. More Family Time: The three hours allocated to yard maintenance
each week is being redistributed amongst the swing set, golf clubs, board
games, four-wheeler…whatever a certain little girl requests.

12. Irrigation Evaluation: Perfect time to crawl up on the pivot
towers to find which nozzles need replaced. Those poor performing nozzles
better watch out because they cannot hide behind a few well-timed rain showers
this year!!

13. Lawn Sprinkler Companies Are Easier To Review: The dead
yellow patches of grass in the well-manicured lawns in town tell the story of
poorly planned sprinkler packages. I think I will choose another company, thank
you very much for the visual review!

14. Fewer Clothing Stains: Dust is easier to wash than mud. No
grass stains–there is no green grass and no one sits, tumbles, or kneels in a
sticker patch.

15. Construction Ahead Of Schedule: Road construction zones
should be gone sooner without weather delays! The new Arby’s building and Best
Western facade will beautify our town sooner. If I was building anything the
Contractors could not blame the weather for delays…. (Yes I am running out of
drought benefits to write about).

16. New Outdoor Furniture: So I may have purchased a cute green
upholstered accent chair in April at a garage sale–it may have smelled musty
so I may have left it on the porch to air-out overnight….it may or may not
still be there next to the rocking chair. Indoor furniture is well suited for a
drought–no mildew worries.

ELEVEN-TEEN*: Precious Prayers: My little girl offered up this
prayer as we were driving through the country-side, “God, Please give a
drink to the corn so it doesn’t get deaded.” Amen, Sweet Sister, Amen.

*Eleven-teen: A Pippi-ism**: the number between 16 and 18.

**Pippi-ism: Original sayings of my daughter.


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