Beavis And Butt-Head

I enjoy visiting family.  The stories are hilarious and pictures are embarrassing.  While looking through photos of Baby Lizzy’s first year I saw several shots of my sister’s ginormous breasts overflowing shirt after shirt.  When her milk came in she was engorged!  I couldn’t help making a few adolescent comments which reminded her of a story involving our nephews.

Berta was lecturing the boys for some wrong doing.  Her demeanor was serious and solemn. “Boys you should never do that again.  I mean it  you must obey….”  Until she noticed that the older boy was not looking her in the eye.  In fact she became a tad…um…well I do not know how she said it but this is what she said.  “Look at my eyes when I am talking to you.  You never look at my boobs again.  You are not to acknowledge that I have boobs.  You should not acknowledge that your MOM has boobs, that Grandma has boobs, or that any of your aunts has boobs.”

As I said that is what she said, but the boys, ages 5 and 6, having a male heredity hearing problem heard this:

“blah blah blah…Boobs.  blah blah…Boobs!  blah blah blah…. BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS!” For they silently glanced at each other, grinned widely and said, “Huh..huh..huh.. you said BOOBS!”

Beavis and Butthead could not have been more proud!


I took this post down after I posted it.  I did not think that it would provide edification to anyone….But I finally realized the moral of this story…Do not say the word BOOBS to young boys (probably any male) if you want them to hear the point you are trying to make. Which leaves this question: What should you refer to boobs as?  I am interested to hear your suggestions.

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