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One year ago today: My beautiful sister registering for a baby!

If only it were that easy. Sit down, smile at the nice registration lady, move to a room where you are handed a baby.  (and if she says anything about this beautiful picture I will remind her that I have after labor images I could post instead….)

My mom and I had the privilege of attending my niece’s birth. I arrived with secret hopes of watching a non-traumatic birth.  I needed encouragement as I was pregnant for the second time and had flashbacks of hemorrhaging (I did not say hemorrhoids) and paralysis, walkers and catheter bags.

My darling blonde sister forgot to have a simple birth for my sake.   The hours of pushing did end but not before the doctor-snipped, snipped and snipped again–if looks could kill, my mom Murdered Dr. Scissor-Hands many times–I hope that is not why he kept snipping away at my sister’s….uh…well…you know.  (Yes, Mom you get the blame for everything.)  Finally, the baby’s head was out.  The Doctor urgently stated a code that sent the nurses scrambling.

The cord was wrapped around her tiny little neck… two times. My sister had not noticed.

Dear Lord, please not this!

The baby that should have been placed on her chest was whisked away. “Is she ok? I don’t hear her crying”  “Where is she?” This was her first birth and I hoped she did not realize the urgency in the nurses chatter.

Dear Lord, PLEASE!

“Oh, Honey, she IS making noises don’t you hear that–they are just little noises”–I was painfully aware of the possible implications of my words so I choose my words carefully.  I tried to drown out the nurses activity. I locked our blues eyes to keep her attention diverted.

They were suctioning..

Take some ice chips you need to hydrate

…talking, “come on baby”..

You did a great job she has red hair–chew on these ice chips.

…aggressively rubbing..

Yes, she is right here. The nurses just have to finish–here take some more ice chips you worked hard.

…”you can do it baby”..

Maybe you should have more oxygen so you are strong enough to hold her in a moment.

Dear Lord, Please let her be able to hold a live baby.  My eyes brimmed about to betray me.

..more nurses walked in questioning “did you try this?”…

Yes, I can see her, she is right here behind me–the nurses …they are just.. helping her…umh… get ready to be put on your chest.

…”Gooood baby”…

I look back and see the nurses nod at each other.  All is well.

I slide out-of-the-way for my sister to see her baby girl and hold her for a moment before a short stop in the NICU.

Praise to you Lord.

As we celebrate the life of the little one we affectionately call Baby Lizzy,  I thank the Lord once again for the blessing she is in our family.  Children are a blessing from God!

Especially little nieces who are named after their Auntie. (ok..ok…my sweet sister somehow managed to name this girl after all of her sister’s.)

Her birthday is tomorrow!


  1. Ummm….so no body told me ANY of this. Kind of not happy right now. But very happy that we have healthy baby Lizzy…or should I say, “Big Girl Lizzy!!”

  2. This is the first time I have heard the story like this. Not gonna lie, I am crying. Thank you amber so much for not letting me know any of that was going on!! I love you!

    • Love you, Berta–now I am crying. Sorry for making you cry little sis. On second thought why has it taken you so long to read my blog??? Busted!
      But really give Baby Lizzy a long hug for me.

  3. I never knew any of this til mom told me today but im happy my lovely sister and beatiful neice


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