Big Macs Up My Nose

Singing on a road trip is a family tradition began when Grandma bought me a cassette tape with a lyric book.  I, being the oldest cousin, deemed it my responsiblity to teach the family, and any unsuspecting C.B. operator, all the wonderful ditties before we reached our destination.    I was a star in my own eyes belting out, “Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun,”  “Down by the Bay,”  and  “Five Green and Speckled Frogs.”   All the cousins wanted to ride with me.  I think the adults played rock-paper-scissors for who was stuck with me.  (Not that it really mattered since the unlucky driver would share his or her agony by allowing me to utilize the C.B. as my personal broadcast station.)

Then I grew up and had kids of my own. We road-trip often since I was roped into marrying a country boy four hours from home.  (My mom thinks they should put a disclaimer on the college application.  “WARNING YOUR DAUGHTER MAY MEET A FARM BOY” )  While we have several road trip traditions to make driving part of the adventure, I will share only  one:  McDonald’s.  We stop often at these Giant-Easily-Seen-From-Space-Golden Arches but it is not their food that holds a place in my heart–(well, maybe it is the food that holds a place in my heart–probably holding my arteries together.)  It is the McDonald’s song my Mom taught me years ago–A classic.

I have included the lyrics to enhance your listening pleasure. Sit back and imagine riding with me on a road trip!   I would have my cute voiced child sing this but she is taking a nap.

McDonald’s Is my kind of place. They serve me rattlesnakes. French fries between my toes. Big Macs up my nose. The Last time I was there they served me Grandma’s underwear.  McDonald’s is my kind of place!


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