The Pale Pity Party: Boss Lady

Boss Lady: I really do not like when pale people wear black.  It makes them look sick.

Me: I know about pale people looking sick. That is why I wear…”

(I glance down, preparing a comment on how I know to choose bright colors to avoid highlighting my paleness. I am wearing my “makes me feel like fashion icon Jackie O.” favorite shell.)

My favorite makes-me-feel-like-a-fashion-icon shirt in the classic color……Black.  Ugh!

I continue  “…. this when it is the only thing clean.”  (My new work-wardrobe-rule starting today.  No sweat pants. Check. No form-fitting dresses, no cleavage, no mini skirts.  Triple Check. No black tops–got it!)

Boss Lady turns to leave as I try to tuck myself inside my favorite black shell.

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