National Geographic Versus Food Network

The girls and I heard a repetitive animal sound resonating from the porch. (think kitten-croak…endearing….high-pitched….soft….pleading.)  I was not certain if we were in danger so I encouraged my daughter to go first. Not like I in the past when I would send my younger sister forward so I could “make certain nobody was behind us.”  I wanted her inside our screened porch quickly while I provided protection from the unknown critter. I was armed with the baby and diaper bag, try me, I dare you. (It was more like, Dear Lord, please keep us safe!)

“Dear Daughter, when I open the door I want you to run onto the porch and get inside fast as you can for Mommy. Do you understand?  Good. Go! Go! Run!”   Then I saw something move.

A little lizard running away from my daughter…(my quick thoughts lizards don’t make noise-do they? Did my daughter see it?) dashing under the porch for safety (all little lizards know they may endure the fate of beloved “Tater Tot” who was stuffed in a little bug house and was pet of the day last week.)  My eyes followed that lizard squeezing under the porch when I saw…IT……..THEM? Oh, My! I put down the baby carrier and ran as fast as I could into the house.

To grab my camera.

Well, I put the baby down in the house on my way to said camera–I would not have left her outside with THIS…

The poor frog was caught by his long webbed-toes.  After these images I ran back to the house.  Only to return wearing Boss Man’s gloves and wielding a new weapon–Kitchen Tongs!  I wanted that snake away from the house.  I was dismayed to find the snake and frog out of sight and still hear the bleating of the frog.

Did I dare attack on the snakes territory?

What choice did I have–I removed a cement block to get a better look–immediately the snake darted away.  I was torn with emotion.  The frog was safe but I now had a snake under my porch.  I attempted to locate the snake using camera surveillance  (I was not going to crawl under the porch into snake-spider-icky world).

No snake.

My new thought: Who can I send to my under-world with the mission: C.O.D. (Clean Out the Debris) in hopes of eliminating the snakely desire to reside under my porch. (This was the fourth snake in three weeks–the first to escape my capture. )

*fast-forward one hour

I began to upload the snake pics when movement outside the office window caught my eye–could it be?  The frog was hopping to safety.  I decided to pursue him and introduce myself as his savior.

Being a kind amphibian, he obliged my request for a photo shoot. I was focused on how to focus manually, when what before my wondering eyes would appear?  Dinner!  The quintessential shot of a frog snatching an insect from the air was presenting itself.   

Waiting…. Anytime now Mr. Frog….  Or Not. He never flinched let alone gulp down a perfectly tasty fly. Maybe my little frog friend was full–I never did find that snake. Please tell your froggy friends they are all invited to my National S’mores Day Party next month the kids want to have a frog race!

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