Big Girl Throw-Up

As I lay me down to sleep, I hope the kids don’t make a peep. If they rise before I wake I hope it’s not puke for good sake! (A.R. 2011)

Oh but it was, it was…was it so ever.  The smell– hot fruit punch Gatorade shared with Daddy, Pizza Hut pan crust cheese pizza,  fermenting tropical fruit….I gagged then decided to not breathe.  She pleaded to stay in the bed where it was warm–covered in ooey gooey  pizza crust, surrounded by drenched stuffed animals, favorite sunglasses, and sparkle bouncy balls.  Then my sweet girl screeched at me not to touch her, demanded in a low deep voice that she wanted Daddy to carry her downstairs to the bath tub–I love her so much–“OH Daaadd-y! She wants YOU!”  People she was co-uh-vered in vomit.   I took Janitor duty while Daddy bathed the screaming Vomit-ness.

A child in distress is the best energy pill.  I was exhausted–actually yawning through a conversation with my mother-in-law a few short minutes before putting my head into my pillow (yes, into not upon–I was digging in for a great night’s sleep).  The unmistakable sound of my little girl vomiting–in her big bed, surrounded by her stuffed friends because, she feels “all alone in bed”–catapults this Momma out of any hibernation. the MY CHILD NEEDS ME!  reflex.

In our home when someone is ill I jump on the computer to comfort them–hey it works when  you find great sites like the stages of vomiting–who knew! Stage one eat something terribly rotten. Stage two watch you tummy start to bulge and listen to the funny rumbling sounds.  Stage three invite your favorite stuffed animals to sleep in your bed.  Stage four wait until Mommy goes to sleep.  Stage five vomit.  I never did find stage six-refuse to leave the pool of puke.  No really, I do recommend the stages of vomiting–it has saved us many a times from causing unnnecessary spewing.  There is also info on diarhea.  and all these little facts work for Big Babies, too.

“Momma, this is going to be fun.” She settled down on her mattress which my Hunky Husband moved to the living room. I was her bed mate.  Camping out down stairs with Mommy was exciting to her little aching body.  (Mental note–do this again soon–why wait until illness is terrorizing  her?)

She drifted to sleep after she explaining her stages of vomiting.  “I used to spit-up when I was a baby,  then I burped (how she explained vomiting after her first intestinal bug one long december weekend–we all burped!) Now I am a big and throw-up!”  I said, “Yes, that was a lot of big girl puke.”  “Mom I did not puke I spit-up, I mean throwed-up!”

The dear girl had a second round of puking throwing-up an hour later.

As her last Throw-up session ended, she jumped up and said, “I think the germs are out of my tummy!  I don’t think I am sick anymore!  Look at me jump!  Did you see how I can jump?  I think it’s so late the stars are not out.”  She did not stop her excited statements but I had an idea and quit listening.

Hand in hand we journeyed to the starry night sky and found a surprise, “MOM!” she whispered.  “Do you see the moon is full?”  “Yes.” I said as I studied the moon light in her wide eye.


She slept until morning light and hollered out–“I am not sick anymore! There’s no more throw-up in my belly!”  A perfect morning praise!

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