The Spotted Table



I woke up today realizing we would have to host our Thanksgiving at my kitchen table.  My table that doubles as homeschool desk, bunco rolling board, pinterest project work space…the table covered in white cloudy spots.


For the first time in three years, I decided to seek counsel regarding the unsightly blemishes.  Dr. Google challenged me to brave my understair closet in search of a nearly forgotten home appliance.

Once found, I heated the iron to the cotton setting without steam, found a smooth-ish towel and applied heat to a white spot…after several short attempts I grew more daring in the length of time I would hold the iron on the table…the results were surprising. 


An hour later, I have caught up on Facebook, learned who Adele is, listened to most of her YouTube songs with tears streaming down my face…that woman’s voice made me cry from the first note in Hello, anyhow, my entire table is white spot free…my sick child is awake from nap and I am dehydrated from crying….did I mention my table is spot free?!


This is my favorite use of an iron!

Did you know an iron could do more than remover wrinkles and transfer shirt designs?

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm table to yours,